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Sharay's Ghana-Style Brittle: A Sweet and Simple Delight

Are you a fan of peanut brittle but tired of the same old recipes and the annoying problem of it sticking to your teeth? Look no further! Sharay's Ghana-Style Brittle offers a delightful twist on this classic treat that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also keeps your dental work intact. In this article, we'll explore what makes Sharay's peanut brittle so special and why it has garnered such rave reviews.

The Simple, All-Natural Ingredients

Sharay's Ghana-Style Brittle prides itself on simplicity. The ingredients list is short and sweet, just like the candy itself. With just four components - peanuts, sugar, salt, and water - this brittle is a prime example of the beauty of uncomplicated recipes. By keeping things simple, Sharay's lets the quality of the ingredients shine through.

Many brittle enthusiasts may be familiar with the traditional versions that contain whole nuts. In contrast, Sharay's Ghana-Style Brittle features a uniform distribution of peanuts throughout the candy. This even distribution ensures that you get a nutty crunch with every bite, making for a satisfying and consistent texture. No more searching for the elusive nut in your brittle!

Pieces of Brittle

The Stick-Free Promise

Perhaps the most notable feature of Sharay's Ghana-Style Brittle is its claim that it won't stick to your teeth. Anyone who has enjoyed brittle in the past knows the frustration of trying to pry the candy off their molars. Sharay's aims to solve this problem by offering a brittle that's easy on your dental work.

Many reviewers have confirmed this assertion. They've expressed their delight in finding that Sharay's brittle lives up to its stick-free promise. No longer will you need to endure the struggle of prying brittle remnants from your teeth, making the whole snacking experience far more enjoyable.

The Flavor Experience

Taste is, of course, the most critical aspect of any candy. Sharay's Ghana-Style Brittle has received high praise for its flavor, with many customers declaring it as one of the best they've ever tasted. But what sets it apart?

Sharay's brittle offers a harmonious blend of sweet and savory. The sweetness is perfectly balanced, ensuring it doesn't overwhelm the rich, nutty flavors. This well-calibrated flavor profile makes it a crowd-pleaser, appealing to both those with a sweet tooth and those who prefer a more balanced taste.

The combination of sweet, salty, and nutty flavors creates a symphony in your mouth, making each bite a memorable experience. The brittles are available in four thrilling nut flavors: Peanut, Cashew, Pecan and Pistachio. There is even a brittle made with seeds, the 3-Seed Brittle, a masterful combination of pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds. 



Sharay's Ghana-Style Brittle is more than just a snack; it's a culinary experience that excites your taste buds and offers a satisfying, stick-free indulgence. With its all-natural, simple ingredients and perfectly balanced flavors, it's no wonder that this brittle has earned the accolades of being one of the best on the market.

If you're a fan of peanut brittle or simply looking for a delectable treat to enjoy, don't miss the opportunity to try Sharay's Ghana-Style Brittle. It's a delightful twist on a classic, and one that you'll likely find yourself returning to time and time again. So why wait? Treat your taste buds to this sweet and simple delight today!


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