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    Cashew Brittle | 3oz


    Peanut Brittle | 5oz


    Pistachio Brittle | 3oz


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    Cashew Brittle 3 Pack
    local_offer Save $6.46

    Sweet Treat Cashew Bundle

    $25.99  $28.47

    Sweet Treat Peanut Bundle
    local_offer Save $4.46

    Sweet Treat Peanut Bundle

    $20.95  $22.47

    Fits Strict Diets

    We want all diets to enjoy our artisanal brittle. That’s why our products are vegan along with wheat, gluten & dairy free!

    Nationwide Shipping

    That’s right - we ship our small-batch goodness to all 50 states.

    All Natural

    We keep things simple: Four ingredients. All natural. 100% delicious.