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Our Retail Partners

Indulge in the unparalleled pleasure of Sharay's Ghana Style Brittle, a culinary masterpiece that combines the rich flavors of Ghana with the artistry of brittle-making. Our delectable treats are meticulously crafted to perfection, offering a sensory experience that is truly extraordinary.

At Sharay's Ghana Style Brittle, we believe in the power of partnerships. We are constantly seeking new retail partners to join us on our journey of delighting taste buds and spreading joy. If you are a retailer located in Wisconsin, we invite you to embark on this exquisite adventure with us.

As a retailer, you have the opportunity to offer our exceptional brittle flavors to your discerning customers. From the irresistible Pistachio Brittle to the mouthwatering Cashew Brittle, each bite is a symphony of flavors that will transport your customers to the vibrant streets of Ghana.

Our wholesale options provide you with the convenience of stocking up on our popular Peanut Brittle, allowing you to meet the demands of your customers effortlessly. With a minimum quantity order of 1 case (12 bags), you can ensure that your shelves are always adorned with the finest brittle creations.

When you partner with Sharay's Ghana Style Brittle, you become part of an exclusive community that appreciates the finer things in life. Our commitment to quality and excellence is unwavering, and we take pride in delivering a product that is nothing short of extraordinary.

To explore the possibilities of becoming a retail partner, please reach out to us at We would be delighted to discuss how we can collaborate and bring the exquisite delights of Sharay's Ghana Style Brittle to your esteemed establishment.

Join us on this journey of taste, elegance, and sophistication. Together, let's create a world where every bite is a moment of pure bliss.




Fits All Lifestyles

We want everyone to enjoy our artisanal brittle. That’s why our products are vegan along with wheat, gluten & dairy free!

Nationwide Shipping

That’s right - we ship our small-batch goodness to all 50 states.

All Natural

We keep things simple: Four ingredients. All natural. 100% delicious.