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Meet Yaw aka Sharay

Ever wondered about the delicious origins of our Ghana-style brittle?
Well, let’s dive into the story that sparked it all. Meet Yaw Asare, the founder of Sharay’s Ghana Style Peanut Brittle. “Sharay” was his childhood nickname. Back then, even as a youngster, he had a thing for peanut brittle, or as they call it in Ghana (his home country), Nkati cake.
Yaw’s craving for the taste of his Grandma’s traditional Ghanaian Nkati cake ignited a brilliant idea. With his peanut brittle radar finely tuned (thanks to trying heaps of it!), he decided to take inspiration from his Grandma’s Nkati and introduce an authentic range of Ghana-style peanut brittle right here in the US.
So, when you savor every nutty, crunchy bite of our Ghana-style brittle, you’re tasting not just a snack but a journey that brings the flavors of Yaw’s home country, Ghana, straight to your taste buds.

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We want everyone to enjoy our artisanal brittle. That’s why our products are vegan along with wheat, gluten & dairy free!

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